Google"Chromebook Pixel" launched: Features, Specs

Minutes ago, Google launched its new high-end computer -- The "Chromebook Pixel".

Price: $1300

Target market:

Everyone including the “enthusiast” market, which is represented by Apple's Macbook.

What is Google Chromebook:

Google’s Chromebook line of products, are computers built for “cloud” users who rely mainly on web-based applications and services. The line is particualrly popular with the education space. Previously, courtesy its target market, the Chromebook laptops were primarily designed to be affordable, which meant economic hardware, especially in terms of chassis materials and display quality, choices.

The Price of Chromebook Pixel, will not have all the Cheap form and experience.

Google Samsung collaboration had built the "Chromebook Pixel" laptop computer.

Chromebook Pixel's Key Features:

1) 3:2 ratio in Chromebook Display: Chromebook Pixel is made for the Web user. That's whose Computer is connected to the internet, most of the times. Since the Chormebook Pixel is meant to run web application and display web-content, Google chose not to use the 16:9 aspect ratio for Pixel. Because the web has a lot of vertically-oriented content, hence the Google has used 3:2 display, which gives 18% more vertical height for the screen’s content.

2) High DPI: Chromebook Pixel laptop has a Touch screen with high-DPI (239 dot per inch, or DPI, a bit higher than Apple’s Macbook Pro Retina display).

3) Made for Outdoors:

What is the best way to challenge the sun's brightness, while working on a laptop outdoor? To have a display much brighter than that of Sun's. To suit for uotdoors, the Chromebook Pixel's display has a 400 nit brightness. Complemented with very good viewing angles , the Chromebook is being appreciated for being outdoors friendly.

4) 4.3 Million pixels Screen: Although the modern day smartphones also boast, pixels in millions (like just days ago launched, LG Optimus G Pro’s display has over 2 million pixels that are twice as many on smartphones.); but still it's a noteworthy feature.

5) High End Audio Processing:  The Chromebook Pixel features two microphones to use noise-cancellation techniques like beam forming. The Beam Forming technolgoy is a common feature in smartphones and high-end webcams, but very few present day laptop-integrated cameras do have it. The technology gets rid off the background noise. Google even added a third microphone to detect, and filter-out typing sound from the keyboard. A particualrly lauded features.

Another advantage of having 3 microphones -- these microphones can be used by third party applications as well.

6) Microsoft Office compatibility: Chromebook Pixel will get the Microsoft Office compatibility by June 2013. Does Microsoft Office matter? Yes it does, as Microsoft Office is still the first name for most people.

7)  Effort made to make User Feel Good: Google always says 'Don't Be Evil' . In the Chromebook Pixel computer, Google has gone a step further -- it has actually tired to make the user feel Good. In this direction it has custom-designed a number of elements including a very specific industrial design; which it couldn't find elsewhere.

For instance, the cooling and even screws have been hidden whenever possible. Google has worked on the keyboard (for feel good and Fast Typing) and touchpad (has a a glass surface ) to improve the user experience as well. The touchpad has and went as far as making sure that the glass was extra-smooth. The trackpad interprets the hand/palm/finger interaction (it is improved too).

ChromeBook Pixel Specs:

The Chromebook Pixel is powered by an Intel Core i5 processor, which makes it as fast as comparable Windows or Mac systems. But since, Chrome has less processes running in the background, so the experience is noticeably faster than any other Chromebook before. Google sees the Chromebook Pixel's Speed as one of its USPs.

Pre-order Google Chromebook Pixel: You can pre-order the Chromebook Pixel right now. The Chromebook Pixel will ship to you in the “first week of April”. The WiFi version will cost $1299 and the LTE version is sold for $1449. --------

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