Huawei says "Make it Possible", Touts Ascend P2

The Chinese brand, Huawei, the world's number three cell phone maker, by volume, launched at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week, a global branding campaign themed, "Make It Possible." Interestingly, the ad doesn't feature any of the company's phones or devices. Social Blog, Mashable says that the Ad may be mistaken for a series of self-help affirmations and; the viewer will have to stress their brains to guess which Company's philosophy the Ad pitches.

It appears, Huawei is attempting, the Apple's iconic-- Here's To The Crazy Ones. But Apple is Apple. And Steve Jobs Steve Jobs. May be the Ad is Huawei's announcement, that it has arrived. Check out the Huawei's "Make it Possible" below:

To compare, Here's for the Crazy Ones:

On the concluding note, Huawei is touting the Ascend P2 as the fastest smartphone in the world. --------

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