Launched -- World's First 5GHz Wireless Optical Mouse with 4D Scroll Wheel --RAPOO 7100P

RAPOO, a Global Leader in cutting-edge wireless peripheral products, has just launched world's first 5GHz wireless mouse - 7100P in India.

Rapoo 7100P has 4D H-Scroll technology which allows one to scroll vertically and horizontally.

Rapoo 7100P's wireless connectivity of 5 GHz differs from 2.4 GHz largely in its frequency and penetrability (known for unmatched and unobstructed operation). The strong signals of the 7100P cannot be easily blocked by furniture or partition. 7100P has broader bandwidth and improved quantity of information flow which does not get perturbed by the interference of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

What makes RAPOO 7100P 5GHz mouse remarkable:

1.       A more stable two-way transmission

Rapoo 7100P adopts two-way transmission technology in the product. Once the mouse sends out movement signal, the receiver gives back reaction signal to make sure the transmission is successful. Its reliability is enhanced to the utmost, to make sure the users can use it at ease.

2.       "Invisible" optical engine

The mouse adopts the latest Invisible Optical sensor technology, the mouse will give out no light thus eliminating the issues related to strong laser light. It is designed to provide stable performance on different materials.

 3.       H-Scroll Technology is adopted for the first time.

For a common mouse, Scroll Bar can only be pulled vertically. In Rapoo 7100, a tilt wheel is adopted for the first time, enabling horizontal pull of the Scroll Bar. By swinging the wheel left and right, you can pull the Scroll Bar horizontally, which makes web surfing more convenient.

4.       Battery life prolonged by 6 times

Rapoo 7100P adopts the new technology of power reduction, and with two AA batteries placed the battery life is prolonged up to 18 months, 6 times of the common batteries! It is in accordance with the energy-saving trend.

5.       The comprehensive technology and the taste

Besides its leading wireless technologies, it's the design and colors of 7100P which have been choose well. It adopts the latest water transfer printing technology, which transfers varied patterns and designs to the entire curve of the mouse, making it look as new even after a long time of use. The traditional screen printing is no match in the printing effect.

6.       Color Change Injection Molding Technology offers more comfortable operation
Exclusive molding technology has been adopted, the newest molding machines ejects the outside components, which can bond together without glue, leaving no space for dusts and making the product more exquisite.

 7.       The Innovative concept of weight control by battery

7100P allows you to choose to use one or two batteries. A customer is more likely to enjoy the weight, and he will place two batteries inside, so that he needs not worry about changing batteries in the following 18 months; while if a customer is likely to choose to place only one battery inside so that he/she can enjoy the light weight, one battery still has a life time of 9 months.

Price, Warranty and Availability RAPOO 7100P wireless optical Mouse: MRP of Rs.1,879. It comes with 2 years of replacement warranty and available ex-stock.


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