Nokia 105 launched: $20 mobile phone whose Battery lasts 35 DAYS

Nokia may be struggling in the smartphone arena and may probably have lost much ground to Apple and Samsung in recent times; but the Finnish Company is not sitting idle. It's trying to innovate and make its phones likable to the world.

Nokia 105 may be called one such step, aimed at recapturing the lost ground in the mobile market in the developing world.

Nokia 105 launched today costs just $20 (£13) and needs charging once a month (35 Days).

Nokia 105 Specs:

Nokia 105 is a basic phone. That is basic text-and-call phone. Nokia 105 comes with a full-colour screen, torch and FM radio.

Availability of Nokia 105: 

Will be available in the next few weeks.

Nokia Hopes that the Nokia 105 will be an attraction for developed markets, as a back-up or emergency device. --------

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