What TV Shows Children Watch Affects Kids Behavior

Across cultures, parents try to regulate the number of hours their children watch Television. According to a new Study, in addition to the number of hours, what kids watch on TV is equally important. An area, most parents tend to over look.

The study says that: the content of TV Shows Can Affect Kids Behavior. Watch the Study Researcher speak on the study findings:


Although in the video above, the Researcher advises the parents not to allow the kids to watch violent shows and most of the parents do try to keep their kids away from violent and explicit television shows. It's important to understand that the Kids these days are not just watching violent cartoons or programmes; they are also watching overtly romantic Disney cartoons and movies. That apart, the kids are also watching (passively watching) Adult shows, with their parents. Such Shows are another influence, Kids should be kept away till a certain age.

As a rule of thumb: While are the Kids are around, the Parents should watch only those shows which are fit for the Kids (as per their age). Parents can watch the shows of their liking (which are usually meant for adults); once the Kids go to bed.

Parenting demands Sacrifices.


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