Apple Tripod patent can Help mount Your iPad better

Apple knows the importance of patents, like none other, by Apple. That's why, in the fast growing knowledge economy, you can see a range of patent filings from Apple; many of which never see the light of the day. Anyways, it also reflects, how much Apple wants to innovate to give the user a better experience.

In a patent filed, at the US Patent & Trademark Office today, is seen a a stand and a magnetic attachment system for the iPad, which already has magnets built in. This is a Apple Tripod, which the the giant may bring in coming months.

Apple Tripod:

Apple Tripod, is just like a three legged stand used by photographers to mount their cameras on. Though  Apple Tripod(with magnetic iPad holder)is for other purposes. The Apple Tripod is for the user to securely mount the iPad to a treadmill, Car windshield, or for taking photographs (which is not a good use, going by the Camera MP of Apple ipad; though it can be used for video-graphing a small meeting), music stand for reading sheet music on some app. Apple has highlighted nearly all the uses it sees the Apple Tripod may have.

Among the interesting uses, as filed by Apple, is  the description of a system that could magnetically connect two iPads. Apple sees its use, when coupled with the wireless transmitter in the stand, as a laptop -- where one tablet will be dedicated to Typing (will have keyboard displayed on it) and the other one as display. But to make the "write documents on iPad" plans of Apple realistic; typing on Apple iPad essentially needs to be improved. At present, it's hard to type. But if displaying content and typing pad are segregated on two iPads, things can be easier.

One area where I find Apple iPad lacking:

Apple iPad is often pegged as a device for "content consumption". But content consumption is not easy all the time. One such posture: When you are lying on your bed with your iPad hand held over your chest. since iPad is pretty heavy, it's hard to hold the iPad in that position for long. I believe, many people are using their iPad's in that position.  Apple should also create something for that (See picture on Right). Although I believe, it won't, it will never be made, because of bad ergonomics, which will be bad for Spine.


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