Playboy Model Holly Madison To Eat Her Placenta

Moms in animal world are seen eating their placenta, minutes after the offspring is delivered. Although humans see the act as a way to clean the newly born animal infant; experts do believe that placenta is actually good for the health of weakened mother. That's why animal moms consume it. But, human moms don't do this. May be it's too taboo an act (although humans are consuming the Placenta of other animals in the form of creams and pills for some time now).

Believe it or not, woman wanting to eat their placenta (after delivering the child) is a growing trend in USA. A feature in New York Magazine titled "The Placenta Cookbook" refers to this post-pregnancy trend. In the feature, Jenifer Mayer a professional placenta-preparer (Yes they have started becoming a Job as well).

The latest to enrich this Placenta eating trend is the former Playboy model and Playboy founder Hugh Hefner's former muse, Holly Madison.

Madison, 33, who will deliver her first baby any time now, plans to eat her placenta. This she will do in the form of placenta in a pill.

Placenta Preparer Jenifer mayor is Happy with Madison's Placenta plans, saying “They’re happy pills,” Mayer says. “They’re made by your body, for your body. Why wouldn’t you want to try? wouldn't --------

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