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Many a times people ask how I make money online. Most of the times such questions arise from the suspicion that how on earth someone can make money online, when all he/she does is sit in front of a net connected PC 15 hours a day, 365 days a year. Some of the times the question arises from the asker's real desire to earn Money or earn some extra money on internet.

Although, it's too difficult to answer all the web wisdom as an answer to one simple question (the moticve of which you can never know), still I try to answer it:

Whether you make money online full time or part time, you earn money online (legitimate way) in the following Four Ways:

1) By content: You run Blogs (websites), Social Network Pages or Profiles (like Twitter Facebook etc.) show Advertisements from programs like Adsense (you open an adsense account, they provide you with Ad code, you put that in your website, and are paid based on pageload, clicks and actions). You also show Third party ads on your Websites. You Use your Facebook or Twitter profiles/pages to channelize traffic to your blog/website or your Real like product or service (in this case you give your phone numbers, address or brick or mortar shop to take orders or meet the customer).

2) Sell the Products of others for some Commission: On web you can sell both virtual (softwares, eBooks etc.) and Real Life products (home appliances, tech gadgets, Apparels etc.). Only requirement is the Affiliate Link. The Company or brand, whose products you sell, gives you an id, which is unique to you; and every time someone clicks on the link containing your unique id or buys the product, you get a fixed commission. Every eCommerce giant like Amazon, eBay etc. runs an affiliate program; and joining it, one can market a range of products available on their platform.

3) You can Sell your own products/Services: Here you use online properties like websites, Social network profiles, email lists as customer puller for your product or service.

 Basically, when people put their creativity and ingenuity to the above three ways of making money online; they invent new and better ways to perform the above three tasks better than the competition  And that sets them apart from others. Overall, just like the real world businesses, an online business also requires Direct Marketing, indirect Marketing (Web) etc. to get results.

That's everyone wants to make money online, but it's not easy path. It may not be difficult if you do it properly; but it's not easy money. You will always need never say die attitude and bucket loads of patience. that apart, from personal observation, I have seen how small things link Affiliate Link Cloaking can do for Your Affiliate marketing.

So this is the answer to How People make money or some extra money online.

If you want to know more about How to make Extra money on Web (internet), then Extra Money Answer: How to Create, Promote, and Monetize an Affiliate Site can be a good reference.

The book which tells about practical ways to make money online and what you will require to succeed is a #1 in Canada, France, Germany, and the UK. It's#2 in Japan and #3 in Italy. Extra Money Answer provides a realistic picture of the opportunities in affiliate marketing, and how it requires lots of time, testing, and patience. The books the reader through the steps the author used to come up with ideas for affiliate sites, create content, drive traffic, and make money with his sites.

Extra Money Answer is available in Kindle Format for just $2.99. You don't need a Kindle eBook Reader or tablet to read the book. You can use a free Kindle reading apps for other devices. You can also use a Kindle Cloud Reader on a browser, smartphones (iPhone, Android, Windows, and Blackberry), computers (Mac, Windows 7, 8, XP, and Vista), and tablets (iPad, Android, and Windows 8).

About the Book:

Extra Money Answer: How to Create, Promote, and Monetize an Affiliate Site
by: Shawn Collins
sales rank: 19385

Step by Step Easy Guide to Make Money Online

How to start a blog and become an affiliate marketer to earn money from the blog.
Extra Money Answer provides a real and honest picture of the opportunities in affiliate marketing. Author Shawn Collins explains how most people don’t make much at all, and that it requires lots of time, testing, and patience.

But you can make extra money if you do it right.

Learn how to come up with ideas for affiliate sites, create content, drive traffic, and make money with the site.

About the Author:

Well, he's been an affiliate since 1997. He also managed affiliate programs for ten years, and co-founded the Affiliate Summit conference in 2003. He's done this stuff every day since the 90's and he knows what works.
Also, you've probably seen books, ebooks, courses, etc. that claim they can teach you how to get rich quick. He doesn't do that. You won’t get rich quick as an affiliate. You probably won’t get rich slow, either. But it’s a great way to earn an extra $50, $100, or more a month.

"Get started now with this book" - Jim Kukral

This is the ultimate beginner's guide to learning how to successful get started with affiliate marketing. No fluff. Just good, real, powerful advice from a guy who's been an industry leader in the field since the beginning. This book is great because it won't waste your time with unneeded tactics and ideas. Instead, you get the correct information you must know in order to start your online career. Highly recommended for people starting out.

"Designed to genuinely help people with actual step by step tutorials and resources" - Dave Cupples

This is a really great book for beginners who want to cut the crap and hype and actually learn step by step how to get into affiliate marketing and setup a website.
Unfortunately when it comes to creating an online business there is a lot of BS out there by gurus who just hype people into a frenzy in order to sell some get rich system. This book is completely different and is not selling anything but simply designed to genuinely help people with actual step by step tutorials and resources. It is one of the few guides out there I would feel comfortable recommending to friends and family.
Especially if you are a beginner I would highly recommend you grab this!


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