Sony reveals first 8 games for the upcoming PS4 Console

If Andrew House's, president and Group CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment, February 20, 2013 unveiling of the PlayStation 4 in New York excited you, then the a look into the game titles you will be getting on your PS4 console will excite you even further.

Sony has just released preview videos for some of the upcoming games for the PlayStation 4 console. The preview video has been uploaded on the Sony's site that give PlayStation fans a first look at 8 of the games that will launch for the system when it is officially released later this year.

The 8 games, whose videos you will find on Sony's site (you will need to signup to watch the videos) are:

1) Killzone: Shadow Fall
2) inFamous: Second Son
3) Destiny (developed by Bungie, famous for first person shooter Halo for the Xbox). Bungie claims that the Destiny will chalk out its course, on its own, that's will create events, all by itself.
4) Watch Dogs
5) Knack
6) DriveClub
7) The Witness
8) Deep Down

Most of these games will have massive multiplayer online game elements.

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