Twitter tips from Second-most-followed African-American politician on Twitter

A trivia: Who is the Second-most-followed African-American politician on Twitter?

No he's not some national politician. But Cory Booker!

Cory Booker! ( narrator of old "Superman" TV show) the present Newark mayor, is second to only US President Barack Obama, when it comes to Twitter following. Booker has more than 1.3 million followers @CoryBooker.

Though Cory Booker, became a Twitter celebrity by reaching out to his people in real sense. A Tweet by anyone in his constituency puts him to instant action, giving him the distinction of "Being more than a one-man department of city services"; Booker has some Twitter wisdom for all those out there, who want the same Twitter glory.

Booker who is exploiting the Internet for public good and personal political profit! has the following Twitter Tips for You and the politicians:

Twitter Tip #1: "Do not Delete a tweet ever."

Booker once made a coffee-related joke following the revelation of South Carolina governor Mark Sanford's South American love tryst back in 2009. Later, retrospective wisdom caught him, and realizing that the joke may not portray him in good light either, Booker deleted the Tweet. But he soon realized the consequence of the deletion. The Tweet trail soon took the shape of a national controversy.

Lesson learned: "Do not Delete a tweet ever." A malicious, sarcastic Tweet sent carelessly can be ignored; but a malicious, sarcastic tweet if deleted, will always come to Spot light.

Twitter Tip #2: "Always try to retweet your critics."

Booker has a habit of retweeting the Tweets of his critics. He doesn't see it as snowballing bad things sadi about him; but as a way of getting authenticity and credibility.

Lesson Learned: You can decide what stuff from your critics you want to retweet. Actually, if you retweet only those critics who criticize you in civilized manner; you set a unsaid benchmark for your critics. This is better than retweeting anything which from your critics (profanities, malice etc.).

Twitter Tip #3: Tweet Regularly. Give priority to Tweeting

Booker, actually sees himself as the syndicator of information. That's before the conventional media get a skewed opinion about something from your rival; provide it your own. And to syndicate his views and opinions about hot topics, he tweets. Booker feels that a little time management and scheduling makes Tweeting easy.

Lesson Learned: Tweet Regularly. Give priority to Tweeting. It's often seen that busy people tweet quite irregularly. On some days they tweet half a dozen Tweets; and on some they become silent. This is not good. The power of Twitter lies in its Real time attribute. Anyone who follows you on Twitter, feels that you are always there to respond. Though, no one can sit 24 hours on Twitter, but a tweeting discipline can really help.

Twitter Tip #4: "Random act of kindness is indeed powerful."

Booker is known for acting on his heart. On the aftermath of superstorm Sandy, he opened his house to the people.

Lesson Learned: Although this tip particularly applies to public personalities, where such acts of kindness are seen as ground-level politics; but still whoever does random acts of kindness, makes a special place in the heart of the beneficiary. If your Business goal is to create good will among your customers, then you can devise ways on how to showcase to the world your benevolent person.

Twitter Tip #5: "Dictate the Course of Twitter discussion."

After Conan O'Brien joked that the best medical plan for Newark residents was to move out of town, Booker reacted to the joke as a hurt Newark resident. He not only started a counter Twitter campaign to impose a symbolic ban on the Conan's late-night show; but even compelled Conan shell out a $100,000 donation to the Newark Now Foundation.

Lesson Learned: In one of the previous posts, we discussed how politicians use inflection points in public discourses to their advantage. There we discussed how Twitter helps them do that. Booker is actually referring to the same.

Booker is still amaze why politicians haven't caught on to the power of social networking. In his opinion it save time and most of the times increases a politician's reach.

The Twitter Tips shared above are for ant Twitter user who wants to gain fandom on Twitter.


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