Samsung Galaxy Mega, a 6.3 inch smartphone unveiled

Samsung Galaxy Mega android smartphone unveiled. Will come in two display sizes, Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 inch and Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8 inch

If you 're a fan of phablets -- big smartphones which lie in the midway between a smartphone and a tablet; then just unveiled Samsung Galaxy Mega, a 6.3 inch smartphone, may not look unnecessarily big to you. Even then for some analysts out there, 6.3 inch(16cm) screen Samsung Galaxy Mega may be a step too ambitious.

Samsung Galaxy Mega -- a 6.3 inch smartphone:

To get a fair idea of how big the phone is, here's a comparison. Galaxy Mega is only slightly smaller than Google's 7 in Nexus tablet. Making Samsung Galaxy Mega as the biggest smartphone to date.

The firm suggested its size made it ideal for watching videos or running two apps alongside each other.

Samsung Phablets are popular:

Whether you like holding a big phone in your hand or not; the credit of popularizing the so-called "phablet" category, goes to Samsung - in which phones approach tablet dimensions. The first phablet from Samsung stable the 5.3 inch Galaxy Note was launched in 2011.

Samsung Galaxy Mega -- a 6.3 inch smartphone, Specs and Features:

Samsung Galaxy Mega
Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8 inch
1) Runs on Android

2) Has a High-Definition (HD) screen -supporting 720p or the "full HD" 1080p resolution. Notably, South Korean company Pantech has the current distinction of offering the biggest "full HD" smartphone with its 5.9 inch Vega No 6 which was announced in January. China's Huawei had previously boasted having the biggest largest-screened 720p smartphone with its 6.1in Ascend Mate.

3) Samsung Galaxy Mega weighs 199g (0.44lb) and fits into users' pockets and be used with one hand.

Its's often seen that tech savvy customers are attracted by phablets. Although countries like India are also seeing phablets positively. But if you don't like too big smartphones then Samsung is hedging its bets by offering a smaller 5.8in-screened version as an alternative.

Availability of Samsung Galaxy Mega: Both Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 inch and 5.8 inch will go on sale in May, that is next month. Europe and Russia will be getting the Mega before others. --------

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