Epson Moverio 3D Glasses: Wearable Glasses like Google Glasses

Epson Moverio & APX Labs have created wearable 3D Glasses. The glasses work like this: Each Glass of the Moverio glasses has a small square display, which is in the sight field of the wearer. The wearer fixes a spot on to any real world boject in his sight field; and he sees information about it on the displays. The simple tilt of head, up-down and sideways, given more information, which means drop down menus, videos, status update, about the focussed on object. Check the Epson Moverio 3D Glasses in action last year in the video below:

The Epson Moverio glasses demo at the Google I/O Conference, currently underway. Here Epson Moverio 3D Glasses are controlling the YouTube:


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