Facebook marketing for Real World Small Businesses

One business segment which is still unaware of the potential of Facebook for their growth and profits, are the small Businesses. Small businesses, which mostly belong to brick-n-mortar establishments (real world businesses run from shops made up of bricks and mortar) are still not using Facebook to market their businesses for two reasons.

1) They see their business from real sales point of view, where a customer visits their shop, interacts with the shop owner, makes his mind and takes the buying decision instantly. Such small businesses are not seeing the buying selling process from Lead generation and recommendation perspective (wherein, the marketing effort on Facebook generates a lead, which means getting the willingness of the buyer to buy the product; and wherein the marketing effort creates the recommendation engine, in which one Facebook user recommends the product to his friend list); and

2) Small businesses operating in real world, and are clueless of web (or internet), let alone the Facebook.

Whatever be the reason for the lack of awareness, Facebook is a great tool for small businesses. And if used properly, can result in big growth and profitability.

Here are the reasons why Facebook suits marketing small businesses:

1) It's Free

2) It's Social. Which works great for lead generation and recommendation

3) Allows local marketing for Local Businesses.

Facebook is normally seen as a social network, where people make personal profiles to shares the banalities of the life and to get in touch with their friends. But consider a fact. On Facebook, an average number of friends a user has is 142. This means that Facebook is really not a place of personal friendships (personal friends are the friends you love, that's why they are your friends). So what kind of place Facebook is? A place where most of friendships are "friendships of utility" or friendships "for the commercially minded". And in this area of "utility friendship", Facebook is a great tool. You as a small business owner can create a free Business page on Facebook, and push marketing efforts for your small business.

Facebook is a social network with millions of users; hence it's always good for a small business to have a Facebook presence.

A new book titled, The Facebook Guide to Small Business Marketing by Ramon Ray can be a good starting point for small businesses to make a Facebook presence and run it in a sustained manner.

About the Book:

The Facebook Guide to Small Business Marketing by Ramon Ray by Wiley publication, published on April 02, 2013

The guide for marketing a small business on Facebook.

The number one social networking site offers the opportunity to reach more than 350 million registered users with your advertising message. Owners of small and local businesses will benefit from these tips and best practices provided by Facebook insiders. Learn new ways to attract customers, create a business profile, and take advantage of Facebook’s many marketing features.
  • With more than 350 million registered users, Facebook opens a worldwide forum for small businesses that were once dependent on local traffic alone
  • This guide to small business marketing on Facebook, is packed with information from Facebook’s staff
  • Guides you through creating a profile for your business, taking advantage of Facebook’s unique marketing features, following best practices, and getting the best return on your investment
  • Packed with insider tips and creative marketing ideas
If you have a small or local business, you can’t go wrong with the marketing advice in The Facebook Guide to Small Business Marketing.


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