If You sketch, You can create a video game!... Pixel Press

You sketch, You can create a video game!... Yes with Pixel Press. Your own video game, no coding required

Hello! creative people out there. Many a times you fancy creating your own video game. But all those dreams are dashed, when you realize you are coding challenged. You don't know or don't have the enthusiasm to write all those long tedious software codes. Learning on how to code, may look like an adventure to some Zukerberg like geek; but not you.

So what to do, if you still want your own video game. After all you're creative. Pixel Press can help.

Pixel Press wants to let anyone of any age create their own video game levels with just a pencil, graph paper, and an iPad or iPhone.

If You sketch, You can create a video game!

Pixel Press lets anyone of any age create their own video game levels with just a pencil, graph paper, and an iPad or iPhone. Players design their level by hand, creating any traps or obstacles they want their character to tackle. Once the sketch is done, all the sketcher has to do is take a picture of the drawing. Pixel Press uses the iPad's camera to scan sketches and convert them to graphics. Pixel Press uses proprietary character recognition to allow the iPad's camera to pick up the sketches and convert them to graphic elements in the level. Then the creator has to test the level, refine it and add skins to make it look like a polished game.

Yes, that plain and simple. Pixel Press will add all the gloss of a launch quality video game.

A Community to Test Your video game and Rate it:

Pixel Press offers an online community as well. Once creators finish their levels, they'll publish them to Pixel Press, where players will compete for the best times and rate them, offering feedback.

How Pixel Press was created:

Pixel Press creator Robin Rath says the game was inspired somewhat by his childhood. He and his friends loved games such as Super Mario Brothers and Metroid, which featured long stretches of levels that took platforming skills to traverse. Back then Rathm used to draw all those levels out on a piece of paper. When Ryan had his own child, those childhood memories resurfaced; and that encouraged him create Pixel Press. A video game creating application, converting drawings into real video games. One of the key focus areas of Pixel Press is to teach kids how to create video games (right focus, kids can be creative as hell). That includes teaching to kids, things like game design.

A sure try for creatives out there. Also a sure try for parents who see their kid sketching all day. The game can help unleash the gamer in the kid. That apart, those parents who always complain of their kid as nuisance creator, can try Pixel Press. It can teach the kid the patience, teamwork, drawing skills, and maybe advanced computer technical skills, depending how far you wanted to take it.


Pixel Press is only a prototype for now. Rath and his team launched a Kickstarter project to raise $US100,000 and get the product out there. One of the main things he's focusing on now is refining the game's object recognition engine so it can adapt to poor drawing skills, or sections that don't quite make sense. To get you the fair idea of what Object recognition is: It is  the ability of the creative application recognize a two dimensional drawing and give it the attributes of the real world product it is the sketch of. For instance, if a person makes a football, the object recognition should instantly recognize that's a football and give it a football attributes (bouncing, revolving and moving).

You can back the project as well, minimum backing is $1.

Once it's released, Rath says Pixel Press will monetise by making extra level skins or art as an in-app purchase, allowing creators to more granularly customise their game. He also hopes to partner with brands down the line so they can create their own levels with on-brand assets.

Pixel Press seems to be in its final stages of its development. So it doesn't want you to sit idle. In the time it's packaging the game for the launch, you create your drawings for your first Pixel Press game.

Download Pixel Press Sketch Kit  (download it and print the entire kit, both drawing pages and Manual, and start drawing following the instructions)

Here is a video in how to create a drawing, whose moving elements are recognized by Pixel Press:


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