Nvidia Shield Price Finally revealed ! $349, Pre-Order

Nvidia Shield Price Finally revealed ! $349, Pre-Order

Unveiled at this year's CES, Nvidia's new game-streaming project, attracted much talk since then. The main topic of talk was the pricing. Well, Nvidia Project Shield Price is Finally revealed. The price for the Tegra-powered "Nvidia Shield", a portable gaming device, which will be used with new Nvidia game-streaming service, is cool $349. You can pre-order it now. Normal orders will go live from May 20 at Newegg, GameStop, Micro Center, and Canada Computers. The Nvidia Shield will start shipping sometime in June.

Nvidia Shield:

1) Powered by Tegra 4 mobile processor

2) Runs Android games and apps on its 720p multi-touch display

3) Streams PC games and play them using the integrated controller (most attractive feature of Nvidia Shield). PC streaming is still in "beta," and has compatibility conditions like requirement of a 600-series Nvidia GPU on your computer. Streaming triple-A PC titles still requires another expensive piece of hardware in a competent PC rig.

Notably, Sony and Microsoft are expected to release next-gen consoles later this year. That apart, rumors are that Google is also planning to enhance its Google Play Games platform, to offer a unified system for Android games. --------

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