Samsung Flexible Tablet concept does exist!

Samsung and LG are rivals. This becomes evident when both are reported to be busy with their versions of a flexible (bending) display. LG openly showed off 5-inch version of its flexible display at a trade show this week, a leaked picture throws light on what is happening in the Samsung's workshop. The image shows a possible design concept of Samsung’s flexible tablet. See the picture below:

The picture, courtesy MobiLeaks shows a large tablet with a built-in stand. But the built in screen is not some plastic extension. It's part of the tablet’s chassis, and is formed by bending the tablet screen along the length. This in this tablet, all the Settings, photos etc. shortcuts will lie flat on the table surface.

The above image comes with a series of specifications, like:

10.1-inches 1080p AMOLED flexible panel

Powered by Samsung’s eight-core Exynos 5 Octa chip

2GB of RAM

32GB of memory

A 3-megapixel forward facing camera.

The above picture can be the real thing, as Samsung has indeed filed for patents related to flexible displays. That apart, Samsung also revealed a bit about YOUM flexible screen hardware during CES this year. If the reports about LG planning to ship its first batch of flexible displays later this year are true, then Samsung preempting its flexible display plans, look real. Nevertheless, the above picture can still be some artist's rendering as well. --------

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