Square Stand for vendors using Square Register for iPad

Square has launched "Square Stand" mount and hardware for those businesses.vendors who are using Square Register for iPad to process payments.

What the Square Stand Offers:

Square Stand, vendors, Square Register for iPad

1) The Square Stand holds the iPad  on a higher end. Giving the iPad the look of a Apple Mac desktop computers. The mount which revolves 360 dgrees on its base is aimed to replace traditional POS cash registers.

2) The Square Stand has in front lower end, the familiar credit card reader that made Square so popular with smartphone and tablet owners. Swipe the credit card and turn the Square stand 360 degrees to take the finger signature of the buyer.

Compatibility: The new Square Stand hardware, uses Apple’s 30-pin connector, supports the iPad 2 and 3. The Lightning version of Square Stand should come later this year.

How To get "Square Stand" for Square Register for iPad: Square Stand is available for pre-order for $299 and will ship the week of June 8th. Click Here --------

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