Sub-conscious Brain programming by Mind Master Subliminal stimuli

Productivity Tools are of two Types -- One, which give you tools to make you more productive; and the second, which program your brains to make you more productive. In the productivity tools or productivity Programmes of the second type -- You have motivational Books, motivational Gurus (making motivational speeches) and Role models. But all these are rather old. The newest trend in the field of "Brain Programming to get productivity and hence success, money, happiness" is the Subliminal stimuli to the Sub-conscious part of the brain. And one of the best Subliminal Messaging Productivity Program out there, is the Mind Master.

Before going further, here's is what Subliminal stimuli means,

Subliminal stimuli, which literally mean "below threshold" Stimuli are any sensory stimuli (something which stimulate) below an individual's threshold for conscious perception. Thus if said in other words, then they are on the opposite pole of supraliminal stimuli, which literally mean "above threshold" stimuli" (stimuli we consciously note and respond to).

But the fact that Subliminal Stimuli are sensory stimuli below an individual's threshold for conscious perception, doesn't make then Unnoticed Stimuli. A recent review of functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) studies shows that subliminal stimuli may not be noticed by the receiving human being consciously; but his/brain actually receives it. FMRI imaging here actually shows the subliminal stimuli activating (illuminating) specific regions of the brain despite. Thus the participant human being, to who the subliminal messages are given, may be unaware of the quickly flashed visual subliminal stimuli (images) or audio stimuli played below human audible volumes or masked by other stimuli; but he/she is fully noticing and reacting to it. To summarize, out of the two parts of the Brain -- the Conscious and the Sub-Conscious; the sub-conscious brain is noticing and reacting to the Subliminal messages.

Mind Master -- Subliminal Stimuli Productivity Tool:

Mind Master is a subliminal productivity Tool. That is, it programs the Sub-conscious Part of your brain through subliminal messages. And it works, as out of the two -- Conscious and Subconscious; the sub-conscious is more powerful. An example will help here:

Say you want to earn a million dollars by the end of the year. The though may have generated in your brain OR you may have read, or watched it somewhere. The moment you get this Thought "become millionaire by end of this year" two kinds of thoughts/questions may come to your mind. Something in your head may tell you


#A-- How impossible the Goal is, How many resources you will need, How much money you will need, How impossible the goal is.  


#B-- You will achieve the goal, You are great at Sales, use that expertise, How some challenges will be overcome, What skills to work on, Who to Collaborate with.

Actually what is happening here is that your Conscious part of Brain is giving you these thoughts/questions. It's busily analyzing the "become millionaire by end of this year" assertion with help of certain benchmarks; and giving you the results (above thoughts/Questions) . The certain benchmarks, which the Conscious is using are the Beliefs Sub-conscious Brain holds. Sub-conscious Brain differs from Conscious brain as it doesn't analyse things (that is the work of the Conscious brain). 

Sub-conscious brain simply records memories, experiences the person has and works as a database for the Conscious to Work on. Hence if you struggle to earn even a couple of thousand dollars a Year; then your sub-conscious will have all those memories, experiences or struggle; and you will get the Questions in #A, given above. In contrast, if you are habitual winner, then you will get the Thoughts listed in #B.

Thus out of the two parts,  the Sub-conscious Brain is powerful. It's the one which is giving the data to the Conscious Brain to Work on. The quality of beliefs stored therein, are actually deciding whether we achieve out goals or not.

Experts are of the view that if the sub-conscious Brain is made powerful by feeding it with Positive Messages (replacing the negative messages we unconsciously store in it during our lifetimes) , our conscious brain will have positive data to work on. This will make it offer positive/productive suggestions, which will increase productivity and goals are achieved.

Food For Thought:

Here it's to be noted that, the Conscious Brain or the logical/practical brain is not an Evil. It's there to logically weigh in the plans we make.It does this by acting on the data stored in our sub-conscious. The aim here is to prevent us from burning our fingers by acting on any ill advise or plan. For instance, if you failed in your every business project in the past; and now plan to mortgage your house for the next project, then the questions raised by Conscious Brain about the sanity of the plan, is understandable.


Mind Master -- Subliminal Stimuli Productivity Tool -- How it Works:

Sub-conscious Brain programming by Mind Master Subliminal stimuli
As said above, Conscious Brain is equally as important as the Sub-conscious Brain. After all, it's giving the sane advise based on the experiences about your past track record, beliefs, successes. Hence no one will want to shut it down, for making the Sub-Conscious Brain powerful.

The much better way is to make the sub-conscious brain powerful; and leave the Conscious/Practical Brain on its own.

Mind Master -- Subliminal Stimuli Productivity Tool works exactly this way. Mind Master productivity Programme is a Subliminal Message and Image software you run on your PC or laptop. The software makes the Subliminal messages flashed on your screen, while you are busy working on your PC, watching movie or doing some other work.  The messages are flashed for such a small duration that you don't actually notice them, Consciously; and keep working without distraction.  But even when you don't notice the messages consciously, your subconscious keeps noticing them and storing them. Over time, the programme replaces the negative thoughts your sub-conscious brain with positive ones. So that the next time your Conscious Brain analyses things; it does so with better data.

To conclude here is an example, of how it works,

Suppose from your past experiences as a public speaker, your sub-conscious brain stores the belief that "You are a Poor Public Speaker". Imagine what will happen the next time you prepare an important public speech.  Your Conscious Brain will take the cues from the sub-conscious (which will contain past experiences as speaker, criticism etc.) and put an approval stamp on the Sub-conscious opinion of you as a public speaker.  This will not help you for the speech you are preparing for.  Now imagine, MindMaster Program replaces the above thought with a though "You are a Great Public Speaker, as you prepare will" The next speech you prepare, will be much better, as this time, the Conscious brain starts taking into account the preparation effort you put in your public speeches.

If you have tried many Mind Programming tools with little result, then do try Mind Master by Tony Dosanjh, as it's a research based Program, which programs your sub-conscious brain with least or no interference. In addition, the Mind Master programs the brain for not only Business success, Success, relieving stress, healing, it also programs the brain for quit smoking, weight loss. It's powerful.

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