Twitter Advice on "How to prevent Profile Hacks"

After CBS and other high profile Twitter profile hacks, Twitter yesterday took time to tell media houses on how to save their profiles from hacking. Although, the chances of profile hacking tends to be much more for high profile Accounts; Still an ordinary Joe can listen to Twitter on how to protect his/her Twitter profiles from hacking. Watch the video below:

What Twitter advised:

1) Take good care of your passwords -- This means not telling your Twitter username to anyone else, includes colleague, friends or family.

2) Choose strong passwords -- Twitter's advice is to choose a password which is easier for you to remember but difficult for the machine. Twitter says that, unlike common perception, special symbols like #, $ etc. don't make a password strong. Passwords with a lot of special characters are difficult to memorize for humans; but easy to crack for machines. Hence the right way to choose a password is to use a word phrase separated by spaces, which is so personal that you can never forget. Such passwords are difficult to get hacked.

3) Be Attentive while granting access to Third Part Applications -- Whenever any their party application tells you to authenticate, suing your Twitter username and password, make sure the authorization page is Twitter's (not some other domain, An example of such an authorization page is Here).

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