Sony PS4 Exclusive game titles

List of launch and future titles for the new Sony PS4 platform:

There are 140 games in development for the new console, of which 30 would be exclusive to the PS4. 100 out of these 140 titles will be released following the console's launch.

First Party Titles:

The Order 1886 , a supernatural action game from God of War makers Ready At Dawn, set in Victorian London.
Killzone Shadowfall
Quantic Dream's upcoming PS4 title,  The Dark Sorcerer (particularly praised for having lifelike facial animations on the characters.
Transistor , a manga-inspired RPG and a remake of 1997's Oddworld.
Square Enix’s RPG sequel Final Fantasy XV
Square Enix's of FF/Disney mash-up Kingdom Hearts 3
Square Enix's Bungie/Activision shooter, Destiny
Bethesda’s  The Elder Scrolls Online beta will debut exclusively on PS4
A Game based on the  Mad Max  movies

Ubisoft’s  Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag

Open world hacker epic  Watch Dogs

In the E3 event where Sony PS4 is showcased, Gran Turismo 6 , Batman Arkham Origins, Beyond Two Souls and The Last of Us will be released for the console by the end of this year. and Beyond Two Souls for PS3 were also showed.

The good thing is unlike the Xbox One, Sony’s machine would have no restrictions for playing second hand purchases, lending games, nor need an always-on internet connection. That apart, When a player buys a PS4 disk they have the right to use that game; trade it in; lend it to a friend, or keep it forever. --------

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