Sony PS4 to Cost $399

Sony has unveiled the design of its highly anticipated Playstation 4 (PS4) games console at E3, Los Angeles. The Sony PS4 will cost a $399. New Console from rival, Microsoft XBox One will cost $490.

Sony PS4
PS4 console will have host of new non-gaming entertainment features including Netflix, Amazon Movie and its Music and Movie Unlimited services seen on the PS3. Sony will use the technology of recently acquired cloud gaming company Gaikai to launch a service next year that lets people use PS3 or PS4 consoles to play blockbuster games in the Internet "cloud" in real time. In addition, the PS4 will also have newly added Redbox Instant (US only) Live Events Viewer and Flixster app. Live Events is a custom service for avid sports fans that grants them one time access to important events, like heavyweight boxing etc.

On the launch, the CEO of Sony entertainment and chairman of Sony Pictures Michael Lynton also revealed that the company's film division is working to create and release several exclusive movies and series designed to appeal to gamers exclusively on the PS4 and on Playstation network.

PS4 will let players play pre-owned games and will launch with an array of original game titles including Readyatdawn's newly unveiled The Order - 1886 -- A game, about which not much is known, except that it's a PS4 exclusive fantasy shooter, chronicling an elite group of warriors' fighting against an unknown "old foe" in an alternative reality Victorian London. Another notable is Transistor, a manga-inspired RPG and a remake of 1997's Oddworld. Other games are DriveClub, Killzone, Infamous Second Son, Madmax.

Sony PS4

Sony PS4 will be launched in 2013 holiday season with 12 games. A total of 140 games are in development for the new PS4 console, of which 30 would be exclusive to the PS4. Yes, this means that unlike the XBox One, PS4 will allow Second Hand Games. That apart, Sony said it also was looking to make the PS4 the most "open and inclusive" platform to independent developers. This means that new PS4 games will keep rolling. PS4 will be available in the United States and Europe by the year-end holiday season for a price of $399, £349 in Britain and 399 euros in Europe. Microsoft will be hitting the market with a rival Xbox One console about the same time, but it will be priced higher at $499 in the United States, £429 in Britain and 499 euros in Europe. --------

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