Tile uses Bluetooth to find Your Car Keys, stolen bicycle, laptop!

What is the Tile? Tile is a small innovative Bluetooth Low Energy device, of the size of a match box, which you can attach to your Key Chain, put inside your wallet, or anything else which you are prone to misplace or Lose.

How the Tile Works:

The small Tile device warns you, via an alert from a companion app, when you’ve strayed out of the device’s range, and records the dongle’s last-known position so you can find it again. So for instance, if you habitually leave and forget your car keys; then all you have to do is put the Tile in your car key ring. The next time you forget where you placed your car keys, you can locate your keys by connecting your smartphone to the Till Dongle; and the strength of the bluetooth signals from the Tile (the signals will be strong when you move closer to the dongle attached to the keys and will go feeble when you move away). And thats way you will find your keys.

The Tile can be used for finding larger things like a bicycle, laptop as well. Here the makers of the Tile have incorporated social element to the Tile. The moment you notify all the persons in your Tile Friends List, about your stolen bicycle; the Tile in their wallets or key chains starts alerting them, the moment they come in the proximity (100 feet under the best conditions) of your bicycle with a Tile. That apart, every Tile app is connected to every other Tile app. That means anyone running the (free) tile app, walking within range of the dongle will activate the app and ping you — telling you exactly where your bicycle is. Tile essentially turns all Tile app users into a moving search squad.

Availability of the Tile: You can get one Tile for $19; buy three and you get one free.

To get a fair idea of how Tile Works, see the video below:

You may be wondering what powers Tiles? No need to ever charge a Tile or replace batteries.  After a year, you will be reminded when to order a new Tile.  --------

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