How To Translate Tweets in Foreign Languages? Leave it On Twitter

Since we are looking for loyal listeners (Followers) and experts (who we follow) on Twitter; hence many a times we do feel a need to know the contents of a foreign language tweet on our timeline. So how to How To Translate Tweets in Foreign Languages in our Twitter timelines? Leave it on Twitter. Twitter, the micro-blogging site has silently added automatic language translation powered by Bing for tweets on the website.

How automatic language translation for Tweets powered by Bing, works:

When you see a tweet in a foreign language, you will be able to grab its translation from Microsoft's search engine.

If you are lucky enough (as the feature is slowly being rolled out) then you will see the "View Translation" button below tweets in foreign languages. Clicking on the button will show you the tweet translated in your preferred language right there on the page.

NOTE: The translation button appears only when you've opened the tweet in a new window by clicking on its timestamp (The Time of Tweet below the tweet). Right now, there's a select roll out the feature, for select languages. --------

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