iPad App to Help Artists to showcase their Work

True Professionals do need someone to help them transition to the internet. Why? As they are so entrenched in their profession that they don't have time to learn how to arrive on internet. One such professionals are the Visual Artists -- Painters, Cartoonists and anyone who works on a paper or canvas. A new iPad app called Galleries HQ -- helps visual artists and galleries showcase their creations to the world through mobile devices.

Right now the GalleriesHQ is on iOS only, but soon it will be rolled out for other platforms -- Google and Microsoft -- as well.

Galleries HQ for iPad:

Seattle-based entrepreneur Wayne Bishop, an art enthusiast and traveler, created Galleries HQ. The idea was to make for the absence of a high tech app for the arts; and take the art work to the mobile audience.  Bishop hopes that the app will help artists market their Art better; quoting the data that 79 million U.S consumers using a mobile device for an online purchase in 2013 and 1 billion consumers expected to own smartphones by 2016.

What the Galleries HQ app for iPad offers:

1) Help with pricing and contact information.

2) Use of Maps to find new artists, galleries and museums in a certain location.

For more info visit: www.gallerieshq.com. --------

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