"OMG 14 year orld drunk girl did this infront of..." malware viraling Facebook

A video is viralling Facebook, with title "OMG 14 year orld drunk girl did this infront of Public". This is a malware, and takes control of your Facebook, browser and PC once your PC gets infected with it.

We noted that if even posts the same video on your Blogger blogs as well.

Screen Capture Image

Hence please don't click on any such video on Facebook. If you click on such a video, you will be asked to install some Adobe Flash plugin named somewhat like "video 7" and your system will be infected.

PS: In case you find your Blogger account compromised, kindly change the Password of the Google Account compromised. Also change the Facebook account password.

Although we do feel that the automated posting on Blogger blogs happened to those blogger accounts, which chose to remember their Google passwords on their browsers.

The Procedure to Remove the infection is difficult and Tricky for those who are not tech savvy. But still we are listing a few steps:

Uninstall the browser you used at the time of infection. Run a Full System antivirus scan of your PC. Followed by scan at boot time.

If you don't want to uninstall the browser, then since the infection came via the web browser -- Chrome, Firefox etc. you are using, hence try doing this:

Try emptying Browser Cache: Settings >> Privacy >> Cache and Stored Cookies

Go to Settings >> Extension >> And look for any extension like "Video 7" and disable it. And then delete it.

Now Go to Facebook and Look for Developers tab on the Left sidebar. Here you will see Applications you created, if you see any application you didn't create, delete it. OR in the Apps in the Left sidebar, look for any app created around the time you installed the said malware. Delete it. If You don't see it there, then go to http://developers.facebook.com/ and Click on Apps. Delete any app you didn't create.


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