When You Appear younger than Your Age, You are healthy: New Book

New Book, ‘Appears Younger Than Stated Age,’ Discusses How To look younger than your chronological age through  practical age-defying habits, including healthy recipes, fitness tips and easy-to-follow medical advice.

What is the key to making a permanent change to one's Lifestyle for better health and for better day to day satisfaction ?


What is the key to losing excess body weight and, keeping it at bay for the rest for the life?

The answers to these and many other similar questions, which stress you every now and then, are provided by physician James L. Hardeman, in his new book, titled, “Appears Younger Than Stated Age”.

As the title suggests, the book is ready reckoner sort of, of practical age-defying habits, including healthy recipes, fitness tips and easy-to-follow medical advice, which the user has to practice and keep revisiting  for improved health and, as a result, a younger look.

This is how the Physican summarises the book for you,

“This is more of a how-to handbook to be read in a few hours and referred to again and again. Being healthy, including achieving and maintaining your optimum weight, requires changing your lifestyle to incorporate healthy living into your personality and self-identity. There is so much false information out there and I want to present the truth, including the fact that when you’re healthy, you can look and feel younger than your stated age – a term doctors use in their notes to describe someone who looks younger than their age. Hence the Title of the Book.”

What “Appears Younger than Stated Age” Offers?

The book outlines 40 basic age-defying habits for lifelong physical and mental wellness. That apart, it demonstrates that people can maintain a healthy body weight without any fads or gimmicks. The straightforward guide includes tips on how to get started and remain motivated in the transition to a healthier lifestyle. The Book has recommendations for maintaining mental health, and nutritional and scientific information. Also featured are cardio exercises and diet habits; tips to increase daily activity; debunked diet myths; no-bother recipes, and detailed images of weightlifting exercises.

Since, any book meant to initiate a permanent Lifestyle change in you, can't just profess to simple and quite effective no fad suggestions; hence the book too suggests the readers on Low-calorie, satisfying dinner recipes. The basic premise in suggesting these low calorie diets is twofold: One to motivate you to shed some initial pounds quickly; and two, not to make the book totally mental. As an intelligent reader, if you clearly understood the mental aspect behind the age defying habits, then you most probably don't need to eat any special low calorie diet. Don't blame the doctor for suggesting you some dietary tips; he simply wants you to get motivated to practice the simple and profound Tips, which will put you on the path of better Lifestyle. The doctor is simply trying to bring your attention to the wisdom, and you can excuse him for using some fads or gimmicks in the process).

Hence, do read the section on dining option, which includes a vegetarian burger with onions, tofu and mushroom soup; another features vegetarian chili with tomato and basil pasta. The eating guide also includes convenient low-fat snacks and how to eat healthy when dining out.

Some Reviews:

“Dr. Jim Hardeman has charted a clear and accessible roadmap for anyone of any age motivated to learn the necessary steps to achieve a long and healthy life – and yes, to look ‘younger than stated age,’”

-- David E. Griffith, M.D,, professor of medicine, W.A.

“…The more altruistic subtext is about living longer with a better quality of life. Dr. Hardeman is a sincere, convincing and comprehensible voice amid the confusing cacophony of lifestyle fad ‘experts.’”

-- E.B. Moncrief Distinguished Professor, University of Texas Health Science Center in Tyler, Texas.

About the Author -- Dr. James L. Hardeman:

Dr. James L. Hardeman has developed numerous strategies and recommendations for sustaining good health and youthful appearance. He received postgraduate training in Internal Medicine and Pulmonary/Critical care at University of Southern California and University of California Irvine. Dr. Hardeman is physician adviser to the Clinical Nutrition Services at St. Jude Medical Center in Fullerton, Calif.


It'll be interesting to know, what 40 basic age-defying habits for lifelong physical and mental wellness, the book suggests. Although, since it's coming from a Physician, who wants to cut on the myths and all the cacophony regarding Healthy Lifestyle, Weight loss, habits; it will be interesting. Particularly if it aims to address to the mental aspect of habits and Lifestyle. As only that person, who managed to understand the psychological aspects of weight gain and Lifestyle; has managed to lose weight permanently or got into a healthy Lifestyle. Everything else is just fad.

About the Book:

Appears Younger Than Stated Age by: James L. Hardeman MD publisher: Intensivist Press, published: 2012-10-09

A Doctor's Secrets on the Art of Staying Young-- You’ve seen the people who always seem young even as they get older. Now you can be one. Doctors have a special designation on patient files: appears younger than stated age. What it means is obvious. How you can achieve it is not. Some people chalk up looking young to good genes. Others to good luck.

Dr. Jim Hardeman attributes it to healthy habits. He has developed his approach to looking and feeling younger, healthier, and more vital after years of patient study and personal practice. In clear, everyday language, he details what he’s found, including, dietary strategies to preserve the balance of the all-important intake and output of calories, fitness habits that will increase your lifespan, ways to keep from developing degenerative diseases that so often lead to the vicious cycle of weight gain, inactivity, and deterioration of health, simple tips and methods to maintain your ideal body weight, and more. You can begin looking and feeling better at any age. Following Dr. Hardeman’s suggestions, you can start dropping years, pounds, and inches and start gaining strength, vitality, and better health. This is the book that delivers techniques and motivation to transform yourself into someone who looks, feels, and is younger than stated age. --------

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