5 Tips to Avoid Droid Rage, and Keep your Android Secure

Avoid "droid rage": Five tips to recognise what constitutes Droid Rage. So that you keep your Android secure.
Droid rage is an established phrase now. It's used to represent a collection of actions, which take an Android user to the brink of risk or make the Android insecure. If an Android User knows about the Actions he/she must avoid (Android Rage), he/she will keep the Android secure. 

ESET  a global pioneer in proactive protection for 25-years, have provided five security tips for Android users, so that he/she doesn't "bring the disaster"          

5 Tips to Avoid Droid Rage, and Keep your Android Secure:

  • Do not prefer your Android phone for work.
  • Encrypt your phone and external SD card by Menu<Settings<Security<Encryption 
Do not forget to double-lock
  • Put PIN codes on individual apps such as Gmail, or Facebook by adding an extra layer of security along with the phone lock 
Don't forget where you put your stuff
  • If your device is lost, use Gmail's PC-based security system to sign the attacker out, under Account Activity on the main Gmail page, then select "Sign out All Other Sessions".
  • Dropbox is a particular risk, PIN lock it if possible. Do not save passwords in web browser, do not keep email addresses, or banking details in any note-taking app and lock your Google Drive. Educate employees, executives and vendors 
Don't fall for text scams
  • Some trogan-ized apps will post a SMS as Security app to scam you. It might send you on wild chase through rogue websites. 
Always have a backup plan
  • Track your phone and always have a back up by adding the apps like My back up Pro and Super back up.       
Hope the 5 Tips above help you avoid DRoid Rage and keep your Android Secure.

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