Sheryl Sandberg sells Facebook Shares worth $91 million, proves Women Play Safe!

Sheryl Sandberg's Facebook share sale adds another lesson for working women.

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, the number 2 in Facebook after Mark Zuckerberg, has reportedly sold some stocks worth $91 million.

Sandberg who became a well known name among working women around the world, after penning a recent best-seller "Lean In" ( a book about women making their way in a man's world and on the struggles of working woman) sold 2.37 million shares of the social network’s stock earlier this month. The world knew about it through a regulatory filing with the Security and Exchange Commission made late Friday.

Women Play Safe, proves Sheryl Sandberg:

The sale came shortly after shares topped the $38 initial public offering price. On Aug. 5, shares traded at $39.19. That's $1.19 dollar gain per Facebook share. Last year, the stock fell to as low as $10.

Does this prove that Women, whether working or non-working, play Safe?

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Although Sandberg, the Chief Operating Office who came to Facebook from Google, still owns more than 14 million shares – worth more than $1 billion -- didn't think twice before cashing in, the moment the Facebook share surpassed its Public Offer Price.

Critics may term this as a safe play by Sandberg, as in its latest numbers Facebook has a little bit allayed the investors fears of overpriced Facebook share. Facebook is making money on mobile platforms. The social network made a profit from advertising on smartphones and tablets and the current projections see Facebook’s mobile-ad business on track to break $16 billion by 2017. That apart, only last month Venturebeat estimated Facebook valuation at $32 billion.

Sheryl Sandberg's Facebook share sale adds another lesson for working women:

Facebook share may reach even higher. But no one can guarantee that. Women seldom lose money in business ventures, whether micro or mega, as their mindset is different compared to men. Their minds tells them to play safe and keep securing something en route. The flipside to this mindset may be less women millionaires and billionaires, but that is much better than losing substantial money or gaining less than the effort put in. Sheryl Sandberg, the Facebook number 2 and the author of the best-seller "Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead" about women making their way in a man's world, has just given this lesson to working women out there. --------

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