Cortana: Siri Rival from Microsoft

Siri Rivals are not new. But all this Siri rivaling tech is not that perfect. Microsoft's Cortnana may not become just another Siri Rival.

Siri, the voice Assistant in iOS6, may or may not be useful . Particularly when you belong to non-native English speakers and Siri finds it hard to understand what you have said. But the desire to have a Siri like utility on one's platform is hard to ignore. Post Siri, Samsung rolled out S-voice and Google's Android rolled own.

According to some leaks, reports circulating on the web and what Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said in July this year, Microsoft is developing its own Siri like voice assistant. Al character Cortana from the Halo series is to lend itself to a new Siri-rivaling tech from Microsoft.

Cortana Siri rivaling tech from Microsoft

The Cortana will have the “learn and adapt, relying on machine-learning technology and the ‘Satori’ knowledge repository powering Bing". Cortana is apparently intended to be a core feature in future versions of the Windows, Windows Phone and Xbox One operating systems. That apart the Cortana will have native support  for all platforms , and will be great at responding seamlessly to what people ask for, and even anticipating what they need before they ask for it.

Cortana is not anticipated before 2014, and could even wait until 2016. Voice Assistant Tech is not perfect at present, Microsoft an wait that log, if it brings a perfectly obedient and properly listening slave. --------

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