Foxconn busy making New-Generation Automated Robots

Foxconn busy making New-Generation Automated Robots. Bottlenecks in key technologies will be removed, once humans are removed from Assembly lines.

Foxconn busy making New-Generation Automated Robots
Foxconn, the world's leading manufacturer of computer components and systems (Manufacturer for Tech Giant Apple), ventured out on its own a couple of months ago. Now the Chinese manufacturer is busy contemplating the path it has to tread in coming years. One Area it has already chosen for itself are the New-Generation Automated Robots. Interestingly, Foxconn is developing new-generation robots for the purpose of automation on its product lines. The development is seen by many as Foxconn breaking through the bottleneck in key technologies. Foxconn's goal of building a million automation robots is going to be achieved shortly, around October this year (yes, next month).

Foxconn will not exit the manufacturing industry in spite of knowing the fact that many IT players have started giving up their manufacturing businesses. Since manufacturing will eventually turn heavily dependent on automation and robots, Foxconn in the future, will place its focus on R&D and technologies as well as e-commerce.

Foxconn has also been investing in nanometer technologies and through long-term R&D and the acquisition of related patents, Foxconn to become the leader of the industry in 3-5 years. --------

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