Kiwi Politicians who visit Brothels, Exposed on Facebook

A Kiwi politician decided to use social media to embarrass fellow politicians. The politician, Wayne Hawker exposed the brothel visitors on Facebook, by posting their car number plates on Facebook. Interestingly, Wayne Hawker's campaign pitch includes exposing brothel visitors.

When asked, whether his action amounts to breach of other persons' rights, Wayne Hawker replied that his “moral crusade” is a breach of privacy rights and prone to legal action. He even challenged the ten politicians exposed to sue him if they want, reports. Adding further that the said politicians will embarrass themselves if they bring legal action against him.

On how he managed to get the car plate numbers of brothel visiting politicians, Walker said he himself stalked the site for three days.

Facebook Moral Policing!

The exposed politicians may feel the heat of this moral policing.


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