PremiumAV Antivirus Review: Missed the status bar while scanning

Premium Antivirus is an Anti-virus offering from an Indian maker. The PremiumAV has a 87 MB file, which has to be downloaded from the Web. Once downloaded, you have to install it; and in the first run it asks you to enter the License Key (which you get in your email after you purchase the Anti-virus).

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What is Good about PremiumAV?

1) It's inexpensive

2) It's light on the PC (You can multitask without bothering about the Scanning)

3) It manages to detect threats and quarantine them to a fair degree.

What is Not so Good About PremiumAV?

1) Doesn't have a status bar while scanning. This makes the user clueless about the files scanned and files left.

2) The list of all viruses is shown, even when they have been traced on the previous scanning.

On the System we tested PremiumAV, we had satisfactory Results; where about 60 percent of the threats were quarantined successfully.

Verdict: The PremiumAV is quite inexpensive. Hence you can always try it. Especially when you are using a pirated anti virus or not using an anti-virus at all.


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