What the Google October 24 Event For?

Google is busy sending out invites for October 24 event. But what it is for? Night out with Google Play?

The day Apple started sending invites for its October 22 event; the web went buzzing with speculative talk. Most of these seem seem unanimous on one thing: Next iteration of Apple iPad.

Google is also sending invites for its October 24 event. According to those who are in the know of the things: There will be no new hardware. Google is not Apple, afterall.

Google's invitation to the Press for October 24 event, simply invites everyone to join them for a “night out with Google Play.”

So what will be the Google October 24 Event for?

As expected the invitation doesn't give a hint, except for Google Play. So whether Android 4.4, KitKat or the Nexus 5 will grace the event no one is sure of. But if human are eternal optimists, then who knows the event will be for some Nexus 10, Google Watch and Android TV news.

The event itself kicks off on October 24 at 7PM EDT in New York City. Google, who owns Youtube, will surely stream the event there. --------

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