Goophone 3G Smartwatch For $300...Can Pre Order Now!

Wristwatch phone is a fascinating thing. Especially for toddlers. This sets them on a mission, too important to be missed. Hello Captain, This is Alpha, Can You hear me?

These days, when there's a lot of hype on wearable computing, a wristwatch phone appears to be the closest gadget possible. Only that the wristwatch phone must be a smartphone. One which has Facebook notifications, email alerts and well, the ability to receive and make calls.

Goophone, a manufacturer which liberally took design and feature inspirations from Apple’s iPhone and the HTC One S, has recently expanded its product line with a Goophone smartwatch, which you wear in your wrist.

Goophone 3G Smartwatch

Goophone’s smartwatch has a Windows Phone operating system like interface. It runs Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, with full access to Google Play. Unlike other smartwatches that rely on Bluetooth connectivity to pair with smartphones, Goophone's smartwatch relies on a 3G connection. This means that no need to connect to your smartphone. Other specs of the smartphone watch are: A 1.54 inch 240×240 display, a 1.2GHz dual-core MediaTek processor, a 2MP camera, and will come with 512MB of RAM with 4GB of onboard storage.

Price and Availability:

Goophone smartwatch is available for pre-order via Goophone website for $300. --------

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