Turn Your Smartphone Alerts into Smells!

A Device is soon being launched in Japan that Turns Smartphone Alerts Into Smells

Gone are the days when phone alerts are simply some piece of music or notes. Gone are the days when people guessed your personality by the choice of your alert.

The day ha come when people can smell your alert notifications. Obviously, you will be smelling your alerts too.

Scentee, a white, round device that plugs into your phone's earphone jack, releases a small spray of fragrance each time you receive a notification. So the next time you receive a notification from your love, you can smell his/her perfume. Although, the choice for smells is limited at present, but who knows a month later you're able to replace the smell with that of your girlfriend's favourite perfume.

To sum up, Scentee works this way: ay you get a Facebook Like, you can smell something like strawberry or jasmine. Or you can smell mint, coffee or lavender. These are the options you have for smell cartridges.

The device's LED lights also light up with each notification. Ya, humans are primarily visual beings.

Each cartridge yields 100 sprays and refills cost $5. It launches on November 15 for Japan — and a bacon scent may be in the works. So if you are too popular on Facebook and real world, then you may deplete your 100 sprays soon. But that will not hurt, particularly when a Facebook like or a new friend is your dream (marketers listen).

The device works with both iOS and Android phones; an app is used to configure when the device releases its scent.

May be Scentee, by CEO Koki Tsubouchi, gives you the Happiness of your Life, the way it did for this Girl in Japanese Soap:


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