USD 24 Billion Twitter processing 1 Billion Tweets Every Two Days

Twitter processing 1B Tweets Every 2 Days.  350 Billion Tweets Since Being Founded.

In the upbeat atmosphere of the Twitter IPO, where the micro blogging site, real time search site, real time news site or whatever you want to call it, got a public valuation of $24 Billion at $45 per share; lets have a look at some latest Twitter Numbers. Below are they:

Cumulatively, there have been over 350 billion tweets sent since Twitter got launched in 2006.

Twitter took over 3 years and 2 months to hit the First 1 Billion tweets.

Now Twitter users send over a billion tweets every 2 days.  Thus the time Twitter took to send the next billion Tweets kept on decreasing. To the extent that now

Twitter has over 230 million monthly active users (MAUs). 77% of the average MAUs are international.  Around 76% of the users primarily access  Twitter on mobile devices.

What makes Twitter unique?

Twitter is the only public, real-time, distributed, and conversational platform that is at scale, says Twitter CEO Dick Costolo. That's whatever you want to broadcast on Twitter immediately shows. That's why we see many celebrities suffer Twitter backlash. But Twitter doesn't stop at just being a broadcaster, since people interact with each other on Twitter (that's why we have trending Topics), hence its suits brands connect with customers.

Twitter is distributed through the mobile ecosystem and third party platforms. And Mobile platforms are the in thing. Facebook saw a surge in its revenue primarily because of revenue from mobile platform. Costolo said that around 71% of the advertising revenue is generated from mobile devices.

Twitter CFO Mike Gupta said that for the 9 months ended September 2013, “we generated $422 million in revenue, more than double what we generated in the same period in the prior year.”  Advertising accounted for 89% and the remaining 11% was data licensing. --------

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