Burstly, App Management Company acquired by Apple

Tech giant Apple may have hoarded truckloads of money with its curve jumping products; but the Cupertino based company is often seen as a miser when it comes to acquisitions. Apple's (NASDAQ:AAPL) philosophy towards acquisitions up to now is simple: If it feels the need to acquire a specific technology to augment or create a certain product or a service, it buys a brilliant small company.

Hence any news of Apple acquiring a company is interesting for two reasons: one, it's an interesting news as Apple has gone for an acquisition; and two, because if Apple acquires a company it indicates two things -- 1) The company acquired is something to look out for 2) and the acquisition itself tells what Apple thinks will be vital technology in future.

Apple has started the 2014 with an acquisition. Apple has recently acquired Burstly.

Burstly, is the company behind the mobile app testing platform TestFlight and mobile app monetization platform SkyRocket. Burstly is also behind nascent mobile app analytics platform, FlightPath. But the company has decided to shut it down. May be After Apple told then that it's acquiring Burstly.

How Apple will be using Burstly?

Although everything Burstly stands for is in line with Apple's current offerings : Apps, App Ecosystem and mobiles, still in more sure terms, Apple can perfect its current app review process by utilizing Burstly’s various platforms. That apart,  Burstly also has a software development kit (SDK) which it discontinued recently. That too is something Apple will be interested in.

Apple's recent Acquisitions... Do they give an insight into the future of Technology?

  • SnappyLabs, the company behind the popular SnappyCam iPhone camera app. 
  • PrimeSense, d the Israel-based 3D vision and motion-sensing technology company.
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS), to improve  Apple's own Apple Maps app.
  • BroadMap, a Date Company
  • Loationary, a location data company.
  • HopStop, mass transit navigation app company.

TechCrunch also noted that Burstly had recently shut down its nascent mobile app analytics platform, FlightPath. The FlightPath address now redirects to the TestFlight website.

New CEO Tim Cook is picking up on Acquisitions

Apple showed an unusual appetite for acquisitions (going by its own past record on acquisitions) in 2013. A total of 15 acquisitions in 2013. The pace continued in 2014 as well. In the first quarter of fiscal 2014, Apple shelled out $525 million for business acquisitions during the quarter ending in December, nearly double what it spent in the year-ago quarter. --------

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