eScan Compatibility Extended: Samsung S-Browser, Google Chrome Added

The Anti-virus and Content Security Solution Provider, eScan, has announced that its Android-based security solutions are now compatible with S-Browser and Google chrome that comes bundled with Samsung Galaxy S4 and Nexus 7 respectively. 

With the addition eScan has become one of the very few security solution companies to provide protection for maximum android platforms, thus allowing the IT users to experience safe and secure browsing.

Why Securing S-Browser and Google Chrome is Important?

Notably, in the earlier days, most users were forced to use the default browser bundled with Android - and hence most security solutions have been implemented with this browser in mind.  

However, with the latest crop of expensive devices from Samsung, are heavily promoting its own S-Browser, and Google, which has its Chrome Browser, users have been shifting use to these browsers, in order to get better performance.  

eScan, proactively looking at this fast shifting trend, has pioneered the usage of eScan solutions, on these web-browsing platforms.

Why Securing Tablets and smartphones is necessary ?

There are reasons why securing tablets and smartphones is important. 

  1. Considering the current internet-based attacks, identity theft and the important information stolen by the cyber criminals, Smartphones and Tablets are at greater risk as similar to computers and laptops. 
  2. Moreover, since tablets and smartphones are portable devices, that is since they are carried along; hence these devices are easy to lose and may end up being in wrong hands. 

How eScan Android-based security solutions Help ?

  1. eScan Security Solutions for Android - eScan Mobile Security for Android and eScan Tablet Security for Android delivers complete protection for Android-based Tablets and Smartphones from such kinds of threats.
  2. eScan comes with an advanced Anti-Virus that helps eliminate, Application control feature that blocks unnecessary apps, while the Web protection feature offers protection from internet-based attacks and phishing websites. 
  3. eScan comes with an intelligent Parental Control feature that helps to keep an eye on and even control online activities of children. That's you can block those websites or webpages which have content unsuitable for minors. 
  4. eScan comprises of Anti-Theft feature that ensures complete protection to the device as well as the data stored in it from any unauthorized access, if in case the device is lost or stolen. Additionally, eScan even filters out unwanted Calls and SMSs.
To conclude if you have a latest Samsung mobile device or are using Google Chrome on your smartphone or tablet, then you can opt for eScan Android-based security solutions. --------

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