How Brian Action sent Facebook's Personnel Department for retraining!

Last Week Facebook bought the  WhatsApp for 9.6 Billion GBP or 19 Billion Dollars. The Founder of WhatsApp will be grinning wide. One, he managed to sell his company that Big. Second, he took a bitter revenge from Facebook. Interestingly, Brian Action applied for a job or some sort of purchase deal in 2009. And Facebook turned down the offer, never to have thought that it will have have to shell out $20 billion to buy this guy's WhatsApp.

Below is the Twitter screenshot of WhatsApp founder @brianacton's tweet from '09 after being turned down for a job at #FB. A lot can happen in 4 years.

If Facebook's Personnel Recruitment Department didn't hone its interviewing skills now; then Facebook will end shelling big money. Isn't it time for Facebook's Department of Personnel for retraining? --------

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