iPad Air may Get A8 & Touch ID this Year

According to some reputed Apple news sources, the iPad Air may be the only model in Apple's tablet lineup to receive a refresh this year. The Apple iPad may Get A8 & Touch ID.

The iPad Air will be the only iPad model to see a refresh in 2014, gaining a next-generation A8 processor and Touch ID fingerprint sensor late in the third quarter of the year.

This means the much anticipated Apple iPad Pro (12.9 inch Apple iPad) and successor to the the iPad mini with Retina display will not be launched this year. 

Another product which may be launched this year is much anticipated Apple iWatch. Apple is currently busy finishing the operating system for iWatch, so that it can be launched this year. But since no major launch will take place this year hence one of top analysts believes that the the overall iPad shipments will actually decline this year.

The Apple's shipments are thus going to be low this year. Even if Apple iPad Pro or the 12.9 inch Apple iPad is launched this year, the analysts expect the over all Apple shipments to be low. --------

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