Two Fantastically Addictive Facebook Games

If someone from the distant past had to be flung through space and time, waking up in the world of today, one of the main things that would puzzle them most would be the wild fascination with social networking sites. One thing is for sure, the definition of “friend” has definitely become looser, as Ichabod Crane remarks after experiencing social networking in an episode of Fox’s Sleepy Hollow, “how is it that you have five hundred friends? I had only seven close companions. Four of them died. Those were good odds.”

Every individual uses Facebook differently, whether it is to keep in contact with friends, post photos of your dinner or to complain passive aggressively through statuses, Facebook is constantly evolving. One of the most popular features of the social networking site is the large number of games one can access. Facebook makes it possible for everyone to enjoy great games, even if they don’t have a smartphone. Here are two of the most addictive Facebook games out there today.

Candy Crush Saga


This fantastically addictive tile-matching puzzle game spinoff of the classic Bejeweled will have you constantly coming back for more. Some of the levels may seem like child’s play, leaving you feeling like your intellect has been mocked. Be warned though, thanks to the interesting layout of certain levels and a number of difficult obstacles surely sent by Satan himself, certain levels will have you steaming from the ears when you miss the victory by the smallest of margins.

DoubleDown Casino Slots & Poker

Publisher: DoubleDown Interactive

This is the perfect game for all you gambling-loving people who don’t particularly like getting all dressed up in order to experience the joys of winning. Your room can now be transformed into the excitement of a real casino, without you even having to put your pants on. Currently there is no way to win real money through these social networking casino games, although, the people behind Jackpotjoy casino are in the process of changing that. With the constantly growing world of online gambling, they are keen to raise the stakes of the social networking world.

By Jason Swindon --------

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