Lapcare Minidoc LA108 : Table Top Stand for iPad , Smartphone , Tablet

LAPCARE Launches Compact , Sturdy Table Top Stand for iPad, Smartphone and Tablet - Minidoc LA108. Multi-functional, compact, foldable and designed for a perfect viewing angle. Weighs just 70gms

LAPCARE, has just launched a table top stand for iPad, smartphone and tablet - Minidoc LA108. The Minidoc has been designed to comfortably land tablets and mobile phones while working  or not working on it  or during video conferencing or while watching videos. It is elegantly designed to enhance the look of your table. You can't still use the stand on your bed though, ergonomically such a stand will not get the approval. 

Minidoc LA108 is featured with compact and foldable design helps the user to carry the doc anywhere and everywhere. Its body is made up of ABS + silicone and weighs just 70 gms. Its rubberized support area avoids the scratches on the surface of the device. It provides perfect viewing angle of 7 and 63 degree and is 105mm (L) * 80mm (W) * 22mm (D) in dimension.

Key features
  • Light weight and small
  • Foldable and easy to use.
  • Ideal for tablets and Mobile phones.
  • Rubberized support area to avoid scratches

Mr Barkha Bosman, Marketing Head at LAPCARE India Pvt. Ltd. said, "Minidoc LA108 is a multifunctional product that comes with unique features to meet the user's needs.s Users can watch movies and videos in their device comfortably with its perfect viewing angle and also can carry this compact stand anywhere. Its rubberized support area avoids the scratches on the surface of the device and is reasonably priced."

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