Philips 2014 line includes an Android powered model

Philips has unveiled its 2014 line up of 4K UHD TVs.

The Philips 2014 UHD TV line has both models with small and big screen sizes.

Philips 2014 UHD TV:

The 8809 series that has a 55-inch screen. This TV runs the Android operating system giving the viewer the access to Google Play on the big screen. It can also access content from cloud storage service Dropbox.

The 8809 says Slashgear also has a 1GHz refresh rate that should make for sharp content and is fitted with Hue lighting, that's the lighting casts colors on the wall behind the TV, which match the colors of the onscreen content. For those who don't want the 4K resolution, can get this TV in 48-inch and 55-inch units with 1080p resolution.

The 7809 series includes 42, 49, and 55-inch units.

Availability of Philips 2014 UHDTV Line : Europe and Russia launch is expected in Q2 2014 or Jul-Sep 2014. Philips 2014 UHD Android powered TV line will not be available in UK. No information about the time of launch for US. No word on pricing as well. --------

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