Twitter allows photo tagging, multiple photo uploads per tweet for iPhone users

A day ago, we informed you about Twitter planning to roll out Tweet views feature for ordinary Twitter users (you will be shown the number of views your tweet received).  Now Twitter is offering something else too. This time for the Twitter app for iPhone users.

Twitter has announced a few new features for Twitter iPhone app today.

Users with the latest update to the Twitter for iPhone app will soon have the ability to select up to four photos at a time to upload when composing a tweet. These photos will be displayed as a collage on the tweet’s detail screen. Yes, Twitter is allowing a Twitter user on iPhone to upload multiple photos (up to 4 photos to a tweet). Up to now, a user can add just one photo to a tweet. Don't worry, the feature will sooner than later, will be rolled out for Twitter users on PCs.

Along with the multi-photo support, iPhone Twitter app users will now be able to tag other people in their photos. A similar feature is already available on Facebook; where a Facebook user can tag a photograph with the names of his Facebook friends. With Twitter allowing photo tagging, it's allowing Twitter users to tell the world “who’s in these photos?”. The “who’s in these photos?” button allows a user to add the username of other people in the picture. The good thing is, the Photo tags won’t count for the characters in the body of the tweet, allowing user to use full 140 characters even after loading the photo with tags.

How you can use this feature to your advantage? Well, you can tag a photo with the Twitter username tags of your most ardent Twitter followers, and who knows your tweet can see more retweets.

Availability of the New Twitter photo tagging and multiple photo uploads per tweet features:

Both features are being rolled out to users gradually. To be able to use the new features, all you have to do is update your Twitter app on iPhone.

Twitter for iPhone is a free download on the iOS App Store.

Are Social networks moving towards homogeneity ?

At the time of their launch , every social network begins with some USP , such as Real time news for Twitter or Like button for Facebook; but as the time passes by, they start implementing each other's features. Who would have thought photo tagging will come to Twitter! 

This brings us to a question: Are Social networks moving towards homogeneity ? That's no matter how a social network begins, it has to implement the USPs of rival social networks in order to remain competitive?

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