Twitter contemplates adding Tweet views and Kill @ Symbol

If Twitter goes ahead with its latest plans, then life on Twitter will surely become more insightful and less gimmicky for you. Particularly if you're a content developer, marketer or a blogger.

According to some reports Twitter is busy redesigning itself to attract new users and win back the lost users. In one such attempt, it is now testing a new feature that allows Twitter user to know how many people have actually seen his/her tweet. A great analytic to have one's hands on; as knowing the number of views means getting the first hand feedback on the content shared in the Tweet. The importance of Tweet views can be understood from the fact that Twitter is already providing this analytic or metric to its advertisers for some years now. And these select few Twitter users always knew the kind of response (views) their campaigns are receiving. The company is all set to roll out the feature to other users too. that's users like you and me, the Twitter users who use Twitter for free.

That apart, the importance of Tweet views becomes even more when one compares Tweet views with a re-tweet or mention shown on free twitter profiles. While a re-tweet or mention depicts the number of people attracted by your tweet, to the point that they promote it in their individual Twitter networks; the number of Tweet views will let you finally know how many people have seen the tweet. That's if 300 people viewed your Tweet, but only 2 people retweeted it, then your tweet got just .66 percent retweet love. This in a way will allow you to see the negative or apathetic response to your tweet.

Now take another example, say for instance your Twitter following is huge, but you get too low Tweet views. This means you have followers who have followed you for reasons other than your content. What will be the use of such a following?

Tweet views is being experimented

Twitter has begun the experiment on select users, including select iOS users.

Twitter is killing the @ Symbol

When someone asks you your Twitter handle, what do you say? That's do you prefix @ to your twitter id or not?

Whatever way you state the name, it hardly matters...

There are reports that Twitter is contemplating to remove the “@” symbol. And a select few Twitter users have already noticed that ‘@’ symbol has been removed from their replies. A good move, as @ seems too geeky or gimmicky in 2014.

Surely look forward to the universal implementation of Tweet views feature. Kill or not kill @ is Twitter's problem. --------

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