Amazon Smartphone with retina-tracking 3D can arrive by June 2014

With its own Android based tablet, app store , you will ask what next for Amazon? An Amazon Smartphone. According to some credible sources, the much speculated about Amazon Smartphone can be launched by July 2014.

According to WSJ, there are real chances of the launch of Amazon smartphone by June.

According to WSJ, Amazon is currently busy showing off early prototypes of the device to developers in San Francisco and Seattle. After all the same developers will be developing apps for the smartphone and enrich the already rich Amazon app store with 200 thousand apps.

WSJ also corroborates earlier rumors of a 3D user interface on Amazon smartphone. The speculation was fueled by a patent that Amazon had filed for. However, according to some sources, instead of relying on the glasses-free 3D technology that Nintendo uses with its 3DS handheld console, Amazon will instead incorporate a retina-tracking technology in the front-facing camera to achieve a 3D, hologram-like effect.

On the OS front, the rumors are that Amazon will use a customised Android , as it used in its tablet the Amazon’s Kindle Fire.

It's becoming clearer that: If you are into Tablet business, or smartphone business ; you will need your own App ecosystem. If you have your own App store, you need to have your own device. If you lack one of the two, you lag behind in the race.

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