Is it Easy to accidently drop an iPad? ... Will it survive such a Fall?

iPad Air Fails the Drop Test

Every time I handle an iPad 3, it feels fragile. As if, if accidently dropped it will shatter into pieces. Don't know, whether it's the delicate aesthetics of the iPad is that fragile. That's why I always wanted to know how strong is ipad. Obviously, for a small blogger like me, it's unimaginable to do the drop test.

I believe, many other iPad owners may also feel the same about their Apple tablet.

Apple iPad Air is the latest tablet from Cupertino company.

Apple iPad Air is thinner and lighter, than its predecessors. Is it durable too ?

Richard Ryan who puts products to the durability test” by performing drop tests and firing guns at them on his YouTube channel, RatedRR; performed the same tests on the iPad Air. The shooting test is unnecessary for us, as we're not going to shoot a bullet at our iPads; but sadly ipad Air didn't even survive the drop test. When dropped from the height of few feet, on relatively soft dirt as opposed to a hard concrete floor, the  iPad Air shattered.

How easy it's to accidently drop an iPad ?

Fortunately I never dropped my iPad. But then, I usually don't drop my gadgets. That apart, I find my iPad 3 easy to hold in my left hand. I mean, the design seems to be assisting the secure holding. What do you feel about Apple devices, are they fragile? and how easy it's to accidentally drop them? --------

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