Tip To make Your Hobby Blog Earn for you

There's not much distinction between a website and a blog. As after a certain time, every blogger wants to transform his/her blog (a diary to share one's hobby, views and passions) into a full fledged website. You can see it as a normal human nature.

If we are not too much bothered about the nomenclature; then whenever a person wants to share his talent on his/her own space online, then the first mode to do so is a blog. Or more specifically a blog on a free platform like Blogger or Wordpress.

How to make your Hobby Blog Earn for You ?

After the passage of a certain duration of time in blogging, a person is not content with simply sharing one's talent with the World. The person also wants to earn money.

The best way to earn money online is through ads from programs like Adsense, Affiliate marketing (selling others' products using a link or url containing your id) or third party ads.  Implementing or adopting any of the three earning models is easy, actually earning from them is difficult. Why ? As to earn money , your blog needs traffic (readers). So how to get traffic to earn money online?

You'll find many experts online who will recommend you optimization for search to get more traffic to your blog. That advice is not wrong. But research says that even those bloggers who never focussed on SEO during their initial blogging years, managed to create a name and money for them during that period.

How they managed to do so?

They successfully linked their talent with the needs of their readers. Let I explain it a little elaborately.

If you are creating content in any form -- words, images (photographs , drawings, paintings, crafts, cartoons) , videos -- but no one revisiting you blog, or your traffic is not increasing then there may be two reasons for that 1) Your Content is not appealing to the people online 2) Your art may be brilliant, but it's not fulfilling any want of the people.

While you can brush up your talent every day; you can proactively and conclusively decide on the Second Reason. That's you can sit back and think how you can link your talent to some need of the people. So that the people not only admire your talent or hobby, they also see your hobby as one fulfilling one of their necessities.

For instance, a person who used to create brilliant , message laden , funny drawings, which everyone admired, started making Clipart photos ( like the ones we use in our presentations , banners and greetings). And within a year his blog became a favourite destination for anyone who wanted funny enriching pics for their office presentation, protest, wall mural , greeting etc.

Another example,

We all know people want some sounding board to share their sorrows and secrets. There's a site named postsecret.com . The site started as a blog on Blogger's free blogging platform with the name postsecret.blogspot.com . What need postsecret fulfills ? It gives the people a platform to tell their deepest hidden secrets (which they can't tell even to closest of friends) anonymously to the World. An act, which lightens the person of the burden of carrying that secret. You tell, isn't it an example of fulfilling a need of the people?

Hope you got the Tip To make Your Hobby Blog Earn for you !

Tip : successfully link your talent with some need of your readers and people online.


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