Twitter Data Analytics enhanced with Gnip Aquisition

Twitter acquires Data Analytics firm Gnip. What Gnip's acquisition means to Marketers , Bloggers and Businesses.

Twitter has bought the data analytics company Gnip. The Colorado, USA based Gnip analyzes tweets to offer valuable insights on various metrics to the advertisers or other customers (bloggers, online marketers and marketers).

How Big is Gnip ?

Gnip analyses more than 500 million tweets its users publish, analyzes them ; and then offers the derived and inferred information in the palatable forms such as trends , insights projections etcs.

On the acquisition , Jana Messerschmidt, vice president of Twitter's Global Business Development & Platform, said,

"We want to make our data even more accessible, and the best way to do that is to work directly with our customers to get a better understanding of their needs," 
On the acquisition, the Colorado-based Gnip's CEO Chris Moody said,

"the deal will allow the company to provide broader, more deeper social data. This acquisition signals clear recognition that investments in social data are healthier than ever,"
What Gnip's acquisition means to Marketers , Bloggers and Businesses ?

Just like Facebook, Twitter is also drawing a line between its Free users and its Paying users. Paying users are those users who are paying for Sponsored Tweets or Post Boosts, Ads (in the case of Facebook). The acquisition of Gnip means that the Twitter analytics , the social network is offering to its paying users will become more insightful. The segregation may look partial to Free users; but this is how Twitter and Facebook can earn money. After all, Free users are using these social networks as consumers of a free service. That's why it's alright if they don't get analytical insights. Call it an irony, those companies which depend on User Generated Content (such as Facebook and Twitter) for their growth , have to keep cutting free services to their Free users. --------

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