How To Add Products To your Amazon Cart directly from Twitter

Simply by replying to the Tweet with #AmazonCart Hashtag.

Whenever you see a Tweet with some Amazon Product link , a product which you plan to buy later on. Simply, reply to the tweet  #AmazonCart (#AmazonBasket in the UK) to place it in your cart.

This is Amazon's way of helping you buy Amazon products, without leaving Twitter.

To start with, you need to connect your Twitter and Amazon accounts from your social settings page (you can also opt out). Once done, when an Amazon product link shows up on your Twitter timeline , you just need to reply with #AmazonCart (#AmazonBasket in the UK) to place it in your cart. It's not quite an impulse buy, as you'll need to enter your Amazon account to complete the purchase.

The #AmazonCart is currently launched for the US and UK. As hashtag will promote Amazon Products too, hence lets be assured that the feature will be launched for other parts of the World as well.


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